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Welcome to Sierra Tours

Sierra Tours is a travel agency based in Sweden and Peru an who have many years of experience in the ecotourism industry operating in Latin America. We are a tight team and love along with our work to give our customer the best possible service through close personal contact.

All our guides have more than 10 years experience. They are always up to date on what is happening in the country and have daily contact with the resorts and attractions. Our idea is to combine the highest quality with favorable prices. This is to be able to offer you the most affordable travel to Peru and Latin America. We offer affordable rates without compromising on quality. In Sierra Tours, we strive always our high demands on quality and service.

We are always on hand to assist with any assistance that might be needed during your journey time. We know the country and the people very well and follows the daily events up close.

Our tours are led by Swedish tour leader, and we strive to provide a personal experience and a travel memory of a lifetime! In so far as possible we favor the resort's local trader who receive cash payments. We have personal contacts with all the hotels, bus owners, drivers and guides that we use during the trip. Our close collaboration for many years to create the trust that is necessary for a successful trip.

We are passionate about making your trip an unforgettable memory and our staff will always be on location in Peru and in Latin America to give you service around the clock during the trip.

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S Sustainable tourism is very important for us at SIERRA TOURS that our activities do not have a negative impact on the local environment and the people. On the contrary, we want our business to have a positive impact in Peru and South America and for its inhabitants. Therefore, we have developed a sustainable tourism policy that we follow, among other things, we work with some projects and we always try to buy our products and services locally.

We know South America

Why choose us?

We can proud say that we know Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil and that is because we have lived and experienced the culture along with those who live there. "We are on the spot" by this we mean that we are at our office in Cusco, Peru, South America led by a Scandinavian office manager and can help you with everything imaginable. Therefore, we can say with pride that we can give you your life experience in these countries. Randolph Sierra founder of Sierra Tours, lived in both Peru and Ecuador and has travelling around in Southamerica and has worked for many years in the tourism industry. All of our employees within the Sierra Tours knows everything there is to know about tourism and the prevailing conditions in Peru and Latin America.

Our trips are organized by experts who have traveled around South America and with more than 10 years experience. We are a dedicated team who are passionate about the concept and objective; giving customers a fantastic travel experience you will never forget.

Our staff speaks fluent Swedish, English and Spanish and you can feel safe to ask anything with out feeling that there is a communication problem. Our experience and knowledge speaks for itself, you can always rely on us as a your tour operator. We know that we will complete the journey that meets all your expectations.

Our tour leaders

We want to promote the knowledge and discoveries. Therefore it is very important for us on Sierra Tours to have a Scandinavian tour leader as a guide in all our travel. Sierra Tours has always local guides on our trips, very knowledgeable native guides who will be a natural connection to the local people, culture and nature.

Carefully selected destinations

We want our trips to give that little extra. Therefore, we have carefully chosen all the details and planned the trip with great care. All for you to get close to animals, nature and culture as it is humanly possible.

Flexible travel

We help you to find the flight you want. With us you can travel in a Scandinavian group with a Swedish tour leader. If you like to travel with your friends in a separate group, we can tailor made your trip everything as your wishes on the departure date of your trip. Then you can also create your own combinations of such adventure safaris, sunbathing and swimming. All our trips in small groups.

Local projects

Our travel creates commitment for all the environments we visit. Therefore, it also feels very natural for us to contribute to local projects that support schools for orphans in South America.

Ratings from our guests

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Flexible travel
Local projects

Our Team

W We are a South American tour operator with a Peruvian and Swedish leadership that sell package and tailor-made trips to customers in Sweden and other countries in Scandinavia, but also to other parts of the world. Our high quality and low prices enables us to offer the best package holidays that the market can offer.

Most of our guests have recommended us by satisfied friends and family members. It's the best advertising you can get. We believe that the main reason for our success is our goal to provide a greater experience than you would expect.

We trust that our customers tell us about their trip for friends and acquaintances. It is therefore extremely important to us that you are happy when you return home.

Randolph Sierra


Ana Maria Mitani

Operations Manager Peru

Annika Haraldsson

Operations Manager Brazil

Luis A. Sotomayor

Operations Manager South America