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P Peru is about 8 times the size of Sweden. You can travel here throughout the year but the best time to visit the mountain and jungle areas are during May to October. The best time for sunbathing and swimming is from December to March when the coastal landscape at the summer season. See more about Perus climate further down.

You can travel to Peru in many different ways. There are direct flights to Lima from most major cities in the world. You can also get here by boat through the Amazon River, Titcaca lake or a cruise ship. Or why not take the road through Perus neighbors, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brasil and Chile.

Peru, unlike other countries on the equator is not limited to tropical climate. The Andean influence is the cause of variety of climate. The country has three different climate zones. On the coast is the driest desert with moderate temperatures, low rainfall and high humidity, apart from the warmer and more wet stretches in the north. Here are the summer (December to April) warm with 25-35 °. In the cold Andes rain is common in the summer and the temperature and humidity is reduced as the height. The rainy season is from December to February and the rain falls usually in short showers. Amazonian jungle is characterized by high precipitation and high temperatures apart from the south that has cold winters and seasonal rainfall. It is the greatest chances of light rain between April and October.

The most visited places in Peru

Cusco - Cuzco - Peru
Miraflores Peru
Arequipa Peru
Colca canyon Peru

I Its name means in the Quechua language "Old Mountain" but the place is best known today as the "Lost city of the Inca". This is due to the 1911 was hidden for the modern world before being rediscovered by Hiram Bingham. In 1983 it became occupied by the UNESCO for inclusion on the world heritage lists. (World Cultural and Natural Heritage Lists.) In 2007 was selected as one of the worlds seven new wonders.

It is believed that the citadel was built in the 1400s to the Inca ruler Pachacutec. It is divided into two zones which lie within an approximately 20 hectare area. On the hillsides around it, one can see agricultural terraces that are up to 4 meters high. When strolling around in Machu Picchu, it is easy to be enchanted by its beauty and mystery. Surely, you will also consider how the Inca Indians managed to build up all this at such a remote place so many years ago!


2399 meters above sealevel

Historical sights

* Temple of the Sun- Soltemplet

* Temple of the Moon- Mån templet

* Temple of the Three Windows- De tre fönstrens tempel

* The Main Temple – Huvudtemplet

* The plazas- Torgen

* Ceremonial rock- Stenen för ceremonier

* Mausoleum or tomb- Mausoleum eller gravar

* The Intihuatana or Solar clock and calendar – Solklocka och kalender

* Intiwatana

* Wayna Picchu


To help preserve this historic, cultural world heritage site, we recommend that you consider the following.

* Ta endast med dricka i behållare

* Do not insert food or consume anything in the area

* Come in groups of max 20 people

* Do not climb on the walls

* The fire is strictly prohibited!

* Place garbage in garbage bins

* Do not disturb the sites nature and wildlife

* Do not contaminate water sources

* Go only on marked paths

Please contact us if you have any questions or have further questions.

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